DIY Ladder Quilt Rack!

This is one of those things that’s been on my wish list for some time… and once we got started on it, it was so quick to make! Why did I wait so long? Because there are so many good things to make… and so little time. For those of you who don’t know, quilting is my first love. I’ve been quilting for about eleven years now, and I have more than a few quilts to show for it. But where to store them? 

The only real contemporary way to display a quilt is a ladder rack. All those cutesy victorian-style things are just to, well, kitschy for me. My Woodworker has made me proud more than a few times by making quilt racks! I’ll have to share pictures of some of our “old” ones later this week … for now, here’s the newest addition! 

ImageFor those of you who are wood geeks, here are the specs:  The sides are re-claimed barn wood (as you can see), in this case Cottonwood. This is true 2″ x 4″ stock – and once we cleaned it up it ended up being about 1.5″ thick and 3″ wide. The rungs were fashioned out of 2x4s, cut in half and then rounded over on the corners for a softer look. We used a slight 1/8″ round over. Because we’re all about quality, we even cut through the sides and set in the rungs. {You can actually use this ladder as a ladder, people.} The rack is 6 feet tall, and the rungs are 18″ long. We had it together in one evening. 



Image          Yes, I did make all of these quilts. 🙂 These are the original nail holes in the barn wood – and I LOVE the look of them. 



This is the perfect marriage of my two favorite things – quilts and barn wood. Yep, this year is off to a good start! 

~ The Woodworker’s Wife 




Wooden Crates – home made storage!

Remember those crates we made? It was the first post on the blog… and you can see it here.  We continue to tweak and change how we put the crates together – hoping to make them more user friendly and storage capable. I think these are the best set so far!

This set of three crates were created especially for our sister for Christmas. We loved making them!

This set of three crates were created especially for our sister for Christmas. We loved making them!

The crates are constructed from pine (ends) and the slats are all reclaimed cottonwood.

The crates are constructed from pine (ends) and the slats are all reclaimed cottonwood.

We attached this star ornament just for fun. It's a piece that he cut out on the scroll saw, of course.

We attached this star ornament just for fun. It’s a piece that he cut out on the scroll saw, of course.


One major change between our first crates and these is that the router was used to round over the top edge of the ends, and even inside the handles. This makes for a much more comfortable grab when you go to pick them up. The cottonwood is lightweight and yet strong enough to handle loads of books! Yes, we have tested them on books. In fact, that’s what ours are loaded with. 🙂

What would you stock your crates with?

~ The Woodworker’s Wife

Projects of Christmas Past

We’ve been working on some pretty neat things for Christmas this year (as you’ve seen already) and as I was reflecting on our skills gained and progress made, I thought of sharing this one from ‘Christmas Past’ with you.

Last Christmas my Dad had just moved into his new office, and had a slew of custom furniture made to suit. Not your typical office furniture – real pieces made out of real, salvaged barn wood! He requested that we made him a desk tray to complement his southern yellow pine desk. This is what we came up with.

A unique gift, made with love.

A unique gift, made with love.

The bottom is butcher block (pine) and we stained it. The sides are also pine, painted with a gorgeous glossy black made by Rustoleum. We finished the bottom complete with little felt pads so that it rests on the desk top without scratching the surface. That groove all along the sides was accomplished with the router – and I love how it makes the whole thing look professional! As for the measurements, we stole them from a standard ‘letter tray’ on the Office Depot website. 🙂

There’s something wonderful about giving something handmade for Christmas. Don’t you agree?

~ The Woodworker’s Wife

Adorable doesn’t even touch it …

PicMonkey Collage

We made this adorable little doll bed for our nieces as a birthday gift. They loved it. I added a set of mattresses and pillows because I just couldn’t resist. Can you blame me? With the ruffles? And the pillows? Okay okay… But really, it turned out to be so sweet and so girly.  Just the way they like it.

The bed is made for 18″ dolls (American Girl size) and stands about 18″ high and is about 20″ long. It’s just the right height for little girls to put their dollies to sleep.  We used measurements and plans from Ana-White and you can find them here:

As you can tell from her photos, we modified the plans a little. Jordan took the time to router the edges of all the pieces with a small round-over bit. This gives the planks a nice finished, softer edge. We counter-sunk the screws and then just used a good wood putty to fill in the holes before painting it a nice minty-white.

doll bed edit

When we’re not woodoworking, I love to sew. It was fast and easy to make a little mattress and pillow set to finish everything off! I used flannel so it’s cozy. 🙂 The only thing more fun than putting this together was seeing the glee on their faces when we gave it to them as a birthday gift! 🙂

Happy building!

~ Woodworker’s Wife