Crates — born from old door casings!

I have something special to show you here! I know, to the average person it just looks like more crates… (How many can one house use, anyway!!!) but these are unique. They are a mere 12″ square, which makes them the PERFECT size for magazines, books, kids stuff, groceries … the list goes on! But the really neat thing about them is that they are constructed from Fir boards that were grooved and cut to fit at the top of door casings. We found them in bundles down at our favorite hardwoods store. 🙂

Aren’t they adorable?? I’m just in love. Can’t decide if I want to stain them (to bring out those cool grooves) or paint the inside a bright color like some of my inspiration photos! What do you think?



Fir has a strong grain, and normally it would be a terrible choice for nailing together like this. In this case, they are all straight grain since they were prepared specifically for a doorway. Perfect! They went together quickly and easily, unlike barnwood, which has to be straightened, planed, and cut before assembly.

Would you paint these or stain them? Leave me a comment below!

~ The Woodworker’s Wife