Our Rustic Coat Rack {a Fire Station Special Request}



I am really proud of these. This was something that grew out of a special request by my Woodworker’s Fire Station. They needed a rack for their coats in a small station, lacking storage. We had piles of barnwood. This was born. The hooks are completely unique – you’ll notice that they are made out of the same wood. You can’t find anything like this anywhere. We looked. 




Because this is real, 100% reclaimed oak, these are really heavy! Our solution for hanging was to install two, set-in, key hole hangers about 16″ apart on the back. They are metal, so they can handle the weight of the rack PLUS whatever you need them to hold for you. No way these are going to fail you! 🙂 




Here you can see the detail of the hook. I love that they “match” the rest of the wood. By the way, the nail holes are original to the barn wood, and the color is completely natural. All we did for the finish was three coats of high-gloss poly to really bring out the rustic beauty in the wood and keep it protected from the elements. 


ImageSee that shine? 🙂 Sorry for the glare  – but here you can see both of the finished racks and the real rustic beauty of the wood just the way it is. You’ll notice, too, that the one is darker than the other. That’s the character of the aged wood. Awesome, right? 


~ The Woodworker’s Wife