How to decorate with wooden CRATES!

How to decorate with wooden CRATES!

I just had to share this little bit of inspiration with you all… it’s a wonderful collection of different crates stacked, painted, papered… the possibilities are endless! 

*Admission* I really thought that crates were the “most beautiful” in their raw, bare wood state. I think I’ve changed my mind. The painted, papered crates are just as beautiful – and so cheerful looking, too! Don’t you just LOVE the turquoise set with papered backs? I’m in love. 

 Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas 02

I think we might have to make a few that are shallow like these just for the pretty factor. They would be perfect for bathroom storage, or little display boxes in a nursery. 

Is there anything that you CAN’T do with crates? 

~ The Woodworker’s Wife 


Crates — born from old door casings!

I have something special to show you here! I know, to the average person it just looks like more crates… (How many can one house use, anyway!!!) but these are unique. They are a mere 12″ square, which makes them the PERFECT size for magazines, books, kids stuff, groceries … the list goes on! But the really neat thing about them is that they are constructed from Fir boards that were grooved and cut to fit at the top of door casings. We found them in bundles down at our favorite hardwoods store. 🙂

Aren’t they adorable?? I’m just in love. Can’t decide if I want to stain them (to bring out those cool grooves) or paint the inside a bright color like some of my inspiration photos! What do you think?



Fir has a strong grain, and normally it would be a terrible choice for nailing together like this. In this case, they are all straight grain since they were prepared specifically for a doorway. Perfect! They went together quickly and easily, unlike barnwood, which has to be straightened, planed, and cut before assembly.

Would you paint these or stain them? Leave me a comment below!

~ The Woodworker’s Wife

How to use crates – Inspiration for home organization

I have a stack of TEN wooden crates in my living room right now. Is this a problem? No. Do I know exactly how I want to use them? Not yet! I know, don’t get me wrong… I’m not ungrateful, I just want to make the very best use of them that I can. They are a beautiful, blank canvas –> and I have SO many ideas for how to decorate them/with them.

Here are some great ideas for using crates … everything from bookcases to to shadow boxes and mudroom storage. Pinspiration!

Easy Entry Upgrade with DIY built-in coat hooks and wooden crates via @Jenna_Burger,

I love how she used a few crates to add storage to a small entry way. Great tutorial, too! Read it right here.

DIY Vintage Crate Boot Rack~Tutorial

Another cute use of crates for a mudroom – although I have to admit that I feel like using pre-made (purchased) crates is cheating. Making them is so much more rewarding. 🙂 Anyway, you can see how she hooked them together here! 

Painted Crates for Shelving

This little beauty is from flikr – I love all the bright colors!! It might be a little too elaborate and busy for our home, but the idea of painting just the inside of the crates for a splash of color is brilliant, and easy. 🙂

More bookshelves...

And finally, a simple idea for storing extra books. This is what most of my crates will be used for, no doubt. {Library book sale, anyone?} I love the dark stain – it can add age to crates that are really “new.” What could be better?

There are hundreds of other great ideas for crates out there {coffee tables, entertainment centers, toy storage for the kiddos, rolling crates for blankets and living room odds and ends…}  and I have pinned a LOT of them. Yep, it’s true. If you want to check out my boards, be my guest. 🙂 

What would you do with crates in your home??

~ The Woodworker’s Wife

Want to buy things you’ve seen on the blog? Our shop is open!

Want to buy things you’ve seen on the blog? Our shop is open!

final fb cover

I’m here to tell you about our “shop.” More specifically, our “Adoption Shop.” Yes, we are actively seeking to adopt an infant (domestically)! We are so excited – in spite of the mountains of paperwork ahead. 🙂 As a means of helping to pay for our adoption, we’ve opened a shop where you can purchase things that you’ve seen here, on the blog, and all the money will go into our fund. Yep, it’s good for everyone.

So take a moment to go “like” our page! It would mean the world to us. Plus, you might find something awesome that you need… or want … and that would be awesome too.

Thanks for all your support!

~ The Woodworker’s Wife

Wooden Crates – home made storage!

Remember those crates we made? It was the first post on the blog… and you can see it here.  We continue to tweak and change how we put the crates together – hoping to make them more user friendly and storage capable. I think these are the best set so far!

This set of three crates were created especially for our sister for Christmas. We loved making them!

This set of three crates were created especially for our sister for Christmas. We loved making them!

The crates are constructed from pine (ends) and the slats are all reclaimed cottonwood.

The crates are constructed from pine (ends) and the slats are all reclaimed cottonwood.

We attached this star ornament just for fun. It's a piece that he cut out on the scroll saw, of course.

We attached this star ornament just for fun. It’s a piece that he cut out on the scroll saw, of course.


One major change between our first crates and these is that the router was used to round over the top edge of the ends, and even inside the handles. This makes for a much more comfortable grab when you go to pick them up. The cottonwood is lightweight and yet strong enough to handle loads of books! Yes, we have tested them on books. In fact, that’s what ours are loaded with. 🙂

What would you stock your crates with?

~ The Woodworker’s Wife



Who doesn’t need more storage, right? We decided to make something cute and functional – and more durable than plastic totes. These crates are pretty enough to leave laying around. 🙂

The sides are reclaimed cedar fence boards and the ends are pine – making for a sturdy and sensible storage crate. I love these for storing books, tools, blankets… whatever needs a good home!

We made this using the free plans on Ana-White’s website! If you’re looking for some dimensions and excellent pictures to guide you through the process, you can view them here:  As you can see, her joinery is a bit different (more simplified) than ours but the “look” of them is about the same. She added wheels and cute stenciling on hers. I’m contemplating adding a stripe of chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

This project, with two of us working, was very do-able in an afternoon.


~ The Woodworker’s Wife