DIY Repurposed , UPcycled frames into chalkboards!




I rescued these from Goodwill on a rainy day for $7.99 per frame. They were dirty, dingy, missing the glass inside, and well, not something I would hang on my wall … but I saw some potential! What if they were chalkboards? What if they were white frames with distressed colors peeking through?

So I took out the rusty little nails and the old dingy “artwork” and sanded down the frames a bit. After wiping off the gross nasty dirt that came off … I painted them each a different color – one with “Pistachio Mint,” {Americana Acrylic Paints} and the other “Bimini Blue,” {Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints}. After that was dry, I coated them with basic white acrylic paint, lightly brushing over the high points of the frame. As you can see, the details on these old frames really lend themselves to distressing! 🙂

Using 120 grit sand paper, I took it in my hand and just lightly sanded over the surface of the frame, the edges… as you can see, what’s left is some of the gold peeking through (original paint), and the colors are left in the grooves. So pretty!! I finished with a clear, water-based poly so that it would be dry in a mere two hours (and not smell so bad). I LOVE the results.







See the pretty teal peeking through? I love how it brings out the beauty of the wooden frame!

If you’ve read my post on making chalkboards, you know how seriously I take the chalkboard-painting process. 🙂 In case you missed it, go read it now! You’ll love making these things!! 🙂  We used 1/4″ mdf for these chalkboards, cut to fit the frame (about 10″x13″). I used a fine foam roller to keep the texture on the chalkboards nice and smooth and even. Mdf is a dream to paint! Just make sure to finish the back so that it’s water proof. I used Rustoleum weatherproof paint on the back to keep all my hard work safe.

So… here you have it — my BEFORE and AFTER.




Keep hunting the thrift stores for wonderful finds like these!! Have you re-purposed anything lately?


~ The Woodworker’s Wife


{None of the products in this post were sponsored or influenced my opinion in any way. Just sharing what I use and what works!}


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