Projects of Christmas Past

We’ve been working on some pretty neat things for Christmas this year (as you’ve seen already) and as I was reflecting on our skills gained and progress made, I thought of sharing this one from ‘Christmas Past’ with you.

Last Christmas my Dad had just moved into his new office, and had a slew of custom furniture made to suit. Not your typical office furniture – real pieces made out of real, salvaged barn wood! He requested that we made him a desk tray to complement his southern yellow pine desk. This is what we came up with.

A unique gift, made with love.

A unique gift, made with love.

The bottom is butcher block (pine) and we stained it. The sides are also pine, painted with a gorgeous glossy black made by Rustoleum. We finished the bottom complete with little felt pads so that it rests on the desk top without scratching the surface. That groove all along the sides was accomplished with the router – and I love how it makes the whole thing look professional! As for the measurements, we stole them from a standard ‘letter tray’ on the Office Depot website. 🙂

There’s something wonderful about giving something handmade for Christmas. Don’t you agree?

~ The Woodworker’s Wife


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