Adorable doesn’t even touch it …

PicMonkey Collage

We made this adorable little doll bed for our nieces as a birthday gift. They loved it. I added a set of mattresses and pillows because I just couldn’t resist. Can you blame me? With the ruffles? And the pillows? Okay okay… But really, it turned out to be so sweet and so girly.  Just the way they like it.

The bed is made for 18″ dolls (American Girl size) and stands about 18″ high and is about 20″ long. It’s just the right height for little girls to put their dollies to sleep.  We used measurements and plans from Ana-White and you can find them here:

As you can tell from her photos, we modified the plans a little. Jordan took the time to router the edges of all the pieces with a small round-over bit. This gives the planks a nice finished, softer edge. We counter-sunk the screws and then just used a good wood putty to fill in the holes before painting it a nice minty-white.

doll bed edit

When we’re not woodoworking, I love to sew. It was fast and easy to make a little mattress and pillow set to finish everything off! I used flannel so it’s cozy. 🙂 The only thing more fun than putting this together was seeing the glee on their faces when we gave it to them as a birthday gift! 🙂

Happy building!

~ Woodworker’s Wife


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