Who doesn’t need more storage, right? We decided to make something cute and functional – and more durable than plastic totes. These crates are pretty enough to leave laying around. 🙂

The sides are reclaimed cedar fence boards and the ends are pine – making for a sturdy and sensible storage crate. I love these for storing books, tools, blankets… whatever needs a good home!

We made this using the free plans on Ana-White’s website! If you’re looking for some dimensions and excellent pictures to guide you through the process, you can view them here:  As you can see, her joinery is a bit different (more simplified) than ours but the “look” of them is about the same. She added wheels and cute stenciling on hers. I’m contemplating adding a stripe of chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

This project, with two of us working, was very do-able in an afternoon.


~ The Woodworker’s Wife


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